WDG Public Health has mandated that face coverings are worn when entering our establishment, and must continue to be worn until you are seating at your table.  When getting out of your seat to order, use the restroom, pay your bill, or to leave, we politely ask that you wear your face covering.  You will also be required to sign in on arrival (as per contact tracing requirements).  This information will only be used if necessary and will not be recorded.




If your cohort is seated at one of our tables inside, your life isn’t going to change because of the weather.


Patio cohorts, you are a different story!  Before coming to enjoy our patio, please check the local forecast.  If it starts to rain, you may shelter under the awning or in the bar area while you finish your drinks and food, but please remember, a 2m distance between cohorts must remain.  Service staff will not continue to serve drinks or food, for patio guests, until we know the weather will pass.  If the forecast shows rain for the foreseeable future, please don’t be offended when we help you with your bill or bring you takeout boxes.  Remember, you can always take some suds home with you as you go.